Monday, August 6, 2012

Pinterest Monday (p.s. Monday, you suck)

Ok,  so i know it is Pinterest Monday,   but before we get to that  i will update on my day today.   As any other normal person in the world....I HATE monday

But,  I guess it couldve been worse. Work was decent.....and i ROCKED it at the gym

<3  Did stair stepper warm up
<3  weights (my chest day so I did chest press, pectoral fly and incline chest bench press)
<3  Did my week1 Day3 c25k on th etreadmill today...with the threat of rain (course it didn't happen,  what were we texans thinking!!!??    plus the heat, i decided to do it inside today)
<3  The stationary bike while reading my book
<3   And finally, the sauna

Total of 6 miles between the treadmill and bike!!

Then came home and had left over cabbage and potatoes     LIKE A BOSS (haha)  and grapes.     
Now I'm winding down and about to have some green tea before i Rub banana peels on my face.....

Did you do a double take?  I got the idea from a fellow blogger, to rub banana peel on your face for five minutes and then wash it and it helps with blemishes......I need all the help i can get.  haha


1. Omg....So im still on my nail binge....and this is my next project.  Heres how tutorial.

2. This is precious. I want to buy one with me and my husbands initials.  I love her etsy shop... MeadowbelleMarket

3. This is so cute, I really want to do this....however i dont know if i could pull it off. haha

4.  Completely random......but hilarious.

5. So the word "cheesecake"   and  "75 calorie"  in the same,  I'm there.

6.  Yogurt covered blueberries....why didn't I think of that...  heres how to make them

Well thats all i have for today.  Tomorrow I have something special planned......::grins::  Until then!Pin It Now!


  1. I know, I can't wait to try them! Maybe tonight...ill post how it went. haha!


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