Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekend Top Twelve (Almost)

Well, It is Legit  SUNDAY.    And I must say,   I'm a little upset about this.  Why is it that the week goes by soooo Slow but the weekend  Zooms by?  Okay.......maybe it is because the week is  more days then the weekend,  but you know what I mean!

Before I post the Weekend Top Twelve, I must say, My other pictures were accidentally deleted, so today I will present you with....

              Weekend Top Twelve Nine !

1. I took this picture and edited it. Its my Nephew when he was a baby,  and this is one of my favorite pictures of him, I found it looking threw my collection,  thought I'd share!

2. Me and Hubby went to get snow cones, and ate them on the back of the car. So romantic. :D   His was Pink Lemonade and watermelon.....Mine was  blue Coconut and Bubble Gum.  Best snow cone I've ever had.  (technically they call it Hawaiian style shaved ice)\

3. Being lazy and watching Tanked With Eric.  Love this show!

4. Finally painted my toenails.....a deep crimson red.

5. My baby was sad when We were leaving....awww  look at that face.

6. Got my bag and was headed to ALDI for groceries!  <3

7. My banana's stickers says  " I <3 Lunch Boxes"   Well good, because that's where you are going!

8. I made Watermelon Ice. Blended up watermelon until it was liquid...pored in a bowl and froze.  Then scraped it and ate it!   Very refreshing and low calorie.

9. Wanted to share with yall the first time I've tried Mango. I bought them to make the popsicles I posted ...
 These Ones.  So They arent too Bad. Im going to make those popscile tomorrow!

Well This weekend was sort of laid back. Which was nice.  And tomorrow is Monday....dum dum duuuuuum.      Lol.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!!  

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