Saturday, August 11, 2012

Weigh In August 11, 2012

Weigh Day is here. And I always seem to have an unrealistic number in my head, I need to stop doing that!!  lol.....So I lost exactly 2lbs since last Saturday. Pretty Good. I felt like I did better, but hey. 2 is a good number. Which means, by next week I will be in the 180's. (CRAZY BANANAS). And only 20 more lbs till me goal weight. Omg I cannot believe Ive lost this much weight. It is surreal.  When I hit my goal, I will of lost 90lbs.  (Jaw drops)

Well Yesterday was Friday, sorry I did not get to blog. It was a Cr@zy day.   After work I had a baby shower to go to.....and here is my choices versus what I ate.
* Tres Leches Cake  * Fruit Tray * Chocolate chip cookies (still warm)  * Broccoli & Carrots *Candy 
* Quesadillas  * Chips & Dip 

Well There it is....So sad.   Haha  The only reason why I completely deprived myself of sweets was because in less than 24hours was my weigh in!!!    In the beginning I would indulge a little bit so that I would not deprive myself to the point that I would binge!  But over the months my cravings and will power have changed drastically so it is not so bad.   And I have a goal to meet. I did the math. If I loss at least 2 lbs a week every week, I will be at my goal weight by the end of November...Which will put me at a whole month early! So I can do this.       If you are a new reader, my goal is by Christmas. A year after a photo that changed my thinking! And I will take the exact same picture with my brother for my final Before and after!

Anyway....Yesterday After the shower I went to the gym and rocked out!
Treadmill                   Elliptical                        Bike 

I did my Week 2 Day 2 c25k on the treadmill......Between the Three I did a total of 7 miles and 645 Calories.

Then came home and cleaned up and watched "P.s. I Love You" Probably cried a pound of tears out! lol

Well Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!! Ill be back tomorrow for my weekend top twelve!

Ill Leave you with this precious face (my nephew)

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  1. A huge well done on your 2lbs!! And your absolutely right- you CAN do this!! :)

  2. You are inspiring! I just joined weight watchers a week ago and I am trying my best to lose this weight also! HOpe you don't mind that I am following oyu! Feel free to do the same :).

    1. Oh my , are you kidding?! Of course i don't mind, id love for you to follow me! i will be following you as well! Thank you for your sweet words, if you need anything just ask!

  3. Just realized a Boo Boo I had put I was going to be in the 280's....I meant 180's. sorry guys. :D


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