Thursday, August 2, 2012

Stress Be GONE!

Before I jump into what the title suggest here is my picture of the week

Normal                                 And not so Normal
 So today was pretty good. Work was okay. And tomorrow is Friday,  so that kept me going.  Went to My grandmas and me her and mom had some chicken taco was very good.  And then we went shopping at Avenue.  I needed some new work out clothes and jeans! Yea Buddy! 

Well I wanted to touch on Stress for a minute. ya know...Good  ol  Doctor Oz  says when you stress, your body releases the hormone cortisol which makes your body store fat around your midsection.  I dont know about you,  but if that's the case,  I need to go on vacation and quick!   I for one stress ALOT which means...

Fat Roll #1: This unwanted friend is probably from work! My previous job and this job.  Doesnt matter how wonderful your job may be, there will be stress.  Stress to get done on time, stress when your running late, office Drama, Patients (forgive me, love em' but they drive me crazy bananas) ect.

Fat Roll#2: This Unwanted friend is from Money.   I dont think ill ever not stress about money.  Paying bills, not being able to pay bills, calculating, blah blah blah....sometimes I wish I could spend just ONE day as a kid again...I think Id go back to elementry!

Fat Roll #3: This unwanted friend is probably from Health problems.   This ranges from stressing about hurt knee, to bad back,  being overweight (not for too long!),  That tooth ache or needing new glasses....All these things that pop up and stress you out!!

Fat Roll #4: Well ok, ,maybe this one is from fast food, donuts, little debbies, trips to the gift shop snack isle, 7 eleven late night treats, candy, soda......and no

Seriously though...Stress is bad,   and sadly,  I do it all the time.  I dont know why..... I give advice all the time  ::mocking myself::  "Dont stress about something you cant change, just dont worry about it, it will all work out according to GODS plan"   Dont get me wrong, I truley do believe that,   but when these things happen,  its easy to first go for the negative nancy thinking.   This I need to change.

So on top of trying my very best to stop stressing....Dr. Oz listed a very natural suppplement called   Relora it is made from the extracts of 2 plants used for thousands of years by Chinese herbalists to promote relaxation.  Decreased levels of cortisol can lead to the prevention of weight gain, the loss of excess weight and the reduction of stress eating.!!!   So I will be looking into this product!   I need all the help I can get!

Well tomorrow is friday and then saturday is WEIGH DAY! Yay, so until tomorrow!

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