Monday, August 13, 2012

Yappity Yappity

OK so I think I'm going to take a break from Pinterest Monday And ramble A little........No please don't leave!  It won't be boring I promise.

First Me and my Noala went for a walk.... If im this way with my dog,   I will be so bad when I have a baby!!!  Until then, she is my baby...I've had her since I was 14.   And yes, she is named after Nola From Lion King.   But I spell it weird.  Come on, I was 14!!! Give me a break.   haha

Lemmie start by saying that I rocked it at the gym.   7 miles on the bike...and 2 miles on the treadmill for my Week 2 Day 3 c25k.  Can I get a WHAT WHAT?   Ok no,  so never again.  haha. Sorry, Im a bit of a nerd.    Anyway...  Today something awkward happened to me at the gym,  so I decided to draw inspiration and bring to light some of the awkard moments that have happened to I the only one?

That awkward moment when you are looking for a machine and you see a guy watching you.  Probably wondering why the heck your trying to be lifting weights anyway.

That awkward moment when your in the sauna reading a book and someones ring tone goes off and it is a really crazy awkward ringtone.  And you wanna laugh so bad!

That awkward moment when you and your next door treadmill buddy (whom of course you never met in your life) start running and stop running at the exact same time. They probably think your trying to race or keep up.

That awkward moment when you get up and someone is waiting for the machine, but you notice your butt left them a nice sweaty surprise. I know I know...kinda gross.  But they should wait and let me wipe it off!!

That awkward moment when your taking a picture of your workout summary for your blog and someone looks at you like your some kind of tourist.

That awkward moment when you walk up and get on a machine and get going thinking your all cute (haha)  and someone comes and grabs their phone or belongings off that machine your on....turns out they just ran to get water. :/

I'm sure there is more,  I can be an awkward moment magnet.  Just saying.....

SO as we speak I am making my fresh fruit puree popsicles. Ill post em tomorrow.  Hope they turn out decent.

I also wanted to just touch on something really quick like.  I want to thank everyone  who has left nice and encouraging messages on my blog. I recieved my first rude comment (of course I did not publish it)   you know who you are, and I have one thing to say to you.  You rock. Because of you, I will do even better. And continue doing what I'm doing.  I dont need to prove to a stranger things that I and God know are the truth.  Posting the actual scale is proof enough, so doubting my weight loss, well that's fine by me. I know in my heart where I'm at and what I've done.  Besides, My life is way to busy to sit here and fake a blog and everything in anyway.  Just venting.

Well Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday....until tomorrow!!!

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  1. Hey Jessica, can I just say I like your positive attitude, you know how well you've done and the encouragement that you get is proof of that. :)

    Also, you made me laugh with your awkward moments- especially about the "sweaty surprise", looking like a tourist and looking like your trying to keep up/race your treadmill neighbour. And well done on the 7 miles on the bike and 2 on the treadmill!! :)


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