Thursday, August 30, 2012

Photo of the week and a little story

I am starting with my photo of the week....
Well tomorrow is Friday and better yet.... Pay Day.   This excites me.
Work today was boring…. See 

Did this at work....and turn it into a cartoon via FotoFlexer! 
Then the gym Rocked. I did 1 mile and 125 calories on the Treadmill....
2 miles and 213 calories on the Stair Stepper (my new goal is to do at least 20 min on the stair stepper every day that I'm at the gym)
And an hour in my step up abdominal class at the gym....which they say is 400-500 calories

 Dinner  was kind of simple, I was feeling like a meatless night. So I made some wild rice, fresh corn (not canned, to much salt! GO ME) and green beans.  Looks like a lot of food, but its all only 400 calories!
Sorry about all the pics. I  Haven’t blogged in a couple of days so thought Id share.

Speaking of, I want to share a quick story.
So one of the things that irks me is when I'm at the gym and the trainers that work there harass you. Literally. I mean, I'm all for helping people and most of them mean well. But then there are the few that don’t quite understand how to come at people. Case in point.

So He (the trainer in question) comes to me as I’m working out my arms…and it goes a little something like this
Him: What are you working on?
Me:   My arms
Him: Do you wanna come work out with me? Do you already have a trainer?
Me: No, and i'm fine, thank you though
Him: Well I see you doing that weak workout [and mimicked me pushing the weights] 
Him: You just need to get more toned, ill show you some military style workouts 

Pause for a minute…..did he just call me weak......rude!

Me: [my smile is not longer there]  Well I've lost weight fine on my own
Him: [defensive] Oh no no, no disrespect, I'm not saying your fat or out of shape, your fine, you look good,  you have no problems in the "pretty" dept.

Should of quit while he was ahead

Me: Yea, thanks [uncomfortable]
Him; Well if you change your mind let me know.
Me: Okay, thank you.

No lets break this down. In the span of trying to drudge up some business, a new client, he starts by
  1.       Not introducing himself
  2.       calling me weak
  3.       mimicking  me
  4.       telling me I need to be more tone
  5.       Then try suck up to my face after he thought he offended me (little does he know, I don't care what he thinks)
  6.       turns on the flirting (not cuz its true in his mind, but because he thinks he offended me)

Don’t get me wrong, I love myself, I think I'm beautiful and all, but I Know for a fact he didn’t think so, he was just being weird. And I'm married and happy and don’t need nor want men hitting on me, however, I can tell when you are or when your just being fake. And I'm not dumb, he sure wasn’t going around to all the skinny girls…..psh!  So now when I'm there I feel uncomfortable because he is probably thinking how “weak” my workout is. So that was my awkward little situation. Lol

Now when I go in I try not to make eye contact with any trainers. Just leave me be!

Well Tomorrow I will link up again for the Photo Challange and Friday Letters. See ya then!
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  1. You're not weak. If you were, you wouldn't be going back. He can suck it and all those people that are like " your workout is my warmup" well that's great for them, but you getting out there and doing something to take charge is all the pride building mess you need. You're doing great and I'm jealous of that step up class! Keep it up


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