Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Then and Now :):):)

Picture of the week.....

Well Today as I mentioned yesterday, I got an itch to re measure myself. I measured in my July 31st post Here.... And so its been about 2 weeks. So I'm going to do a little over all comparative thingy mo-bob here...I did finally find my hips and waist measurements I took from when I started, but only those's the break down!


                                                        Then                                                         Now
* Weight:                                       250                                                          191
* Waist measurement:             38.5"                                                       34"
* Hips measurement:               46.5"                                                       41"
* BMI:                                            34.9 (Obese)                                         26.6 (Over weight)
* Pants Size:                                 18/20                                                       14

So This is so crazy!  In 6 months I have lost 59lbs,  4.5 inches off my waist,  5.5 inches off my hips,  took my BMI down 8.3 from obese to one away from being deamed "normal weight", and gone down 6 pants sizes.  So crazy!!

Well Today I added my calories on Lose and I ate about 1,600 calories an then Did my Week 3 Day 3 of my c25k and Did my leg routine on the weights. I wanted to do some elliptical after, but I was beat and my back was hurting! One more week and I go to have another back procedure. This time he is doing a Radial Branch block then botox on that back muscle, and a week later another Rhizotomy but this time up higher where my pain is now.   sucks! I'm so glad I did not let my back pain be an excuse, or I would still be at 250lbs. Granted there is a lot I cannot do because of my back,  there is still a lot I can do. 

Well sorry to be a bum and end this blog short tonight, but I best be getting ready for bed!!! Night!

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  1. Wow Jessica!! Those numbers are an amazing achievement! They're all really impressive but I think the fact your BMI is so so close to being in the 'normal' range is incredible. I hope I get to see those results one day too. :)

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words! I wasn't always sure how important BMI is, but now I do and im glad its going down. :D

      You WILL see those results!!! :D:D


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