Monday, August 20, 2012

Pinterest Monday

Well hello......Did your Monday suck as much as mine?!    Well maybe this will cheer you up!!!

                                 Pinterest Monday

1. Pumpkin Cake!!!
   ummm I cannot wait till fall......
   ........I'm going to make this. what I like is the actual cake is two ingredients!! How easy...Heres How

2. This was posted as a wedding a white puzzle and have guests sign the pieces, then put it together and frame...

............Cute, But I want to have my husband write the things he loves about me and me about him, then frame it and hang it above the couch!

                                                                                  3. Paint chip Boxes.

These are cute to put cute Christmas gifts in, or earrings and set it on your dresser!


 4.  Omg...I'm making these for my grandma....too cute.
(if you wanna know how.....Here ya go)

    5. I know pasta isn't great for you,  but you could always substiture it for grain pasta.....either way, it looks Delicious!!

Thanks Martha Stuart!!!  (make it!)          

     6. I found this awesome vintage looking jewelry for pretty reasonable price....Go check it out


Well Today was pretty good, It was A beautiful day here in good ol' Dallas Texas.  It almost felt like fall....80's, nice breeze.....awesome!   And the air felt so clean and crisp!    So much so that I decided that I just could not waste it inside a gym on a I went to a trail/track near by and did my c25k and some power walking....and enjoyed nature and no i-pod,   just me and my thoughts!!

One says....Out of order, the other, beware of what your telling me is, there might be a skunk, but I will not have assistance if needed!?  Come on people!!!

And then Home, and dinner.....

And then my shows.....Bachelor Pad,  Hells Kitchen,  and Intervention.    Then bed!   Goodnight!!!

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