Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Short but SWEET

 One more day closer to friday. Hellz yeah.  Well lets take care of business shall we?  I have some things to share! My new nails! And some promised.  Arent I a doll?

Today was pretty good. Despite major cramps and back pain I went to the gym (and glad i did) And did stair steppers,  my biceps, and week 2 day 1 of my c25k! So I feel great. Can't wait till weigh in on Saturday!       Unfortuantly it is late and in an attempt to not be late to work for the 3rd day this week I am going to go to bed at a decent time, so because I waited until 10pm to blog, I will keep it short. But tomorrow I will make up for it! Here are my nails.....

Well, what do yall think? I tried the same tutorial from the Pinterest Monday post. Turned out pretty good. No one will believe me, But i did both hands despite the fact that im not left handed by any means, it did not turn out that bad! yay.


Frozen mango/Kiwi/raspberry pops

 These look sooo good.  And healthy. After my trip to aldi this weekend, i Believe I will try these.  Maybe with strawberries instead of raspberries! yum.

Easy Garden Tomato Sauce

Believe it or not i don't like tomatoes. But I really enjoyed this! I made it a while back and have been wanting to have it again. Very light and healthy.

Cheesy Jalapeno popper backed stuffed chicken

No need for words. I know.  haha.

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  1. you DID NOT do those yourself?!! That is amazing! Come do mine?? Just thought I'd drop by and say thank you so much for all the sweet comments you've been leaving on my blog! You don't have your e-mail linked up to your blogger account so I couldn't reply by e-mail. :) Just wanted to let you know they aren't going unnoticed and I'm so glad you're reading!

  2. Super cute nails!!! Love them! I don't know if I am coordinated enough to do that lol!

    1. Thank you!! It was hard doing the right hand haha...but It turned out good. The more I practice, the better im getting. :D


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