Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Pinstrosity.....

Well Today I was wanting to sway sooo bad from my routine. I wanted everything and anything that I shouldn't have.    I do not know why.    My car had a mind of It's own and tried to drive on home and miss the gym....psh,  You wish!   I had to literally turn around and go to the gym.  haha.   But I  stuck to my diet and my routine.   It is days like this,  the days it is the hardest  that are the most important days to go and do your best!! These days are crucial!   As the trainer on Extreme makeover weight loss edition says...."Get comfortable with being uncomfortable"    Aint that a Bizzoch!  But it is very true.   I try to push myself past what I know I can do!   It's hard, but it pays off.

Moving on.......

OH!! I found something awesome....I can share.....Its a blog called "Pinstrosity"   And its hilarious. It shows pinterest pins such as crafts and home projects and recipes and then it shows someone attempt that did not turn out so well of that pin. Its funny,  check it out........pinstrosity.    <-----Your welcome. (haha)   This ought to give you a few laughs!

Speaking of Pintrosity....hahaha    Here are my Fresh fruit popsicles!!!  The look cr@zy weird  because of the cup I used, but they are mighty tasty, and that is all that matters,   so hmpf!

So anyway.  That is pretty much that! Well tomorrow I believe I will post my Photo of the week, and maybe my measurements again....Duno, maybe it is too soon,  we will see.  And I cannot wait till Saturdays weigh day,  180's  (better be!!!).....omg.   Cr@zy beans!! 

Have a wonderful day!!!!

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  1. Firstly, your popsicle looks so scrummy!!

    That site makes me think I may be eligible to be on it as I'm going to make a birthday cake for my husband this weekend, somehow I doubt it will come out as it's supposed to :P

    1. Oooo, I may borrow that word once or twice if thats ok...."scrummy". haha. Im for sure eligible for that website!!! And im aweful at cakes, so Good luck to you. lol


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