Friday, August 24, 2012

High Five for friday & Photo Challange

I decided since I had my back procedure, I will have a quite and boring weekend. Going to have to take it easy so I will not be able to do my Weekend Top twelve on sunday, because, im sure there isnt even 2 interesting things im going to do!!! hahaha Sooooo...

I linked up with Lauren from "From My Grey Desk" Blog.... For High Five For Friday!

1. Dinner....I splurged a little. It was delicious. 

2. My moms Idea, My mimi sewed...Its a bag out of an old tank top!

3. Me before my back lol

4. Felix missed me. Right when I got home, Noala curled up at my feet and he got in my face.

5. Missing the baby, So Alex texted me a pic....<3<3<3 Precious.

 And One more thing I wanted to Share, I also wanted to Link up with
For the  Perspectives Photo Challenge.....

So this weeks theme was faceless portraits.....  And I choose to focus on My niece Rhiannon and my nephew Michael.    Enjoy.

 First:  Is my two favorite people.  My neice and Nephew. They are watching one of his favorite singing videos on You Tube, and she is clapping, but its precious to me because it looks like she is praying.

Second: Is The little Michael taking a bath...This was takin a while back, but It is such a cool picture! He loves taking baths and will play with that facet for ever! lol

Third:  Rhiannon at the zoo, we were waiting on the Train....Not real sure what she is looking at, But this picture reminds me of how big she is getting!!!

Well Thats all I have for tonight. I'm still on the fence about weighing in tomorrow.  I splurged and did not go to the gym ( Because of my back )  haha  Well that covers the gym, not the splurging, that I just did. : /

So I'm afraid if i get on and gain a pound or am the same, I will be disappointed. Trying to decide If I want to wait Till Monday morning, or just do it anyway. We will see......until then.

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  1. These photos are great! Thank you for linking up!!

  2. that spaghetti looks so good!

    Happy Sunday! Drop by and say hello!

  3. love the last one! So glad you linked up to perspectives last week! Hope you will join us again on Friday! The new theme is "LOVE"!



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